silk denim by Anthony Sicari

den-im [denim] noun

Date: 1695

1.A firm durable twilled fabric woven with colored warp

2. Plural:  usually of blue denim

In every generation there has been “the product” to behold. In the eighties, there was a slew of gadgetry that rocked the country with mass trendiness. Items in the forefront of national appeal were wacky ideas, such as the Rubik’s Cube, Atari, and the piano necktie... However, one of the most memorable of the trends was the designer jean. Well, this isn’t the eighties anymore, and consumers are looking for fashion. Designers will no longer be able to put their label on the basic five-pocket jean and get away with calling it a designer jean. Today’s consumers demand more, something fresh, something new—something silky!

silk denim© by ANTHONY SICARI the new designer jean that has been sweeping the country with a brand new level of comfort, and luxuriousness that consumers have been desired. Created by Anthony Sicari, this new item has been causing a riot of excitement. Made of 100% pre-shrunken, yarn-dyed silk, silk denim© by ANTHONY SICARI is all about comfort and taking the beloved jean to a whole new level. “It is phenomenal. The exciting news is the consumer has found a replacement to the designer jean in the market. This product is truly unique; people who see it, feel it and wear it understand the ultimate designer jean. With silk denim© by ANTHONY SICARI in your wardrobe, there is no need for anything else. Its time has come! silk denim© by ANTHONY SICARI. silk denim is a fabrication we are proud to have copyrighted and trademarked.

 We are so excited to bring this product to the market. The sell-thru is like no other product in this difficult marketplace.  888-AS denim has been put in place for customer service for our buyer.  Everybody is looking for something new – this is it! It’s not your age; it’s your look. silk denim© by ANTHONY SICARI has a universal appeal to a wide range of fashionable women, who are used to casual dressing but who want the elegant look and luxurious feel, says Sicari.

Stirring up the marketplace with their twist on the causal-chic that most fashionistas have reclined to—silk denim revitalizes the couture feel, but within the casual mentality. Ultimately, it is the best of both worlds in its offerings. “This is the jean that is truly couture, and is acceptable to wear -from the boardroom to the ballroom. Unlike cotton denim, which can only be worn in certain places, silk denim would be complimented and applauded at any occasion. It is the crème de la crème of causal wear. It is the oxymoron of fashion. I have taken the world’s most elegant and durable fiber, and through fabric development here and abroad, reinvented the denim we have known for 80 years,” he adds.

In fact, it was through seeing the way the denim industry was moving that ultimately inspired Sicari to approach this old dog with a new trick. “I was surprised how designers were making jeans, by taking the basic 5-pocket jean and putting their name on it. Everyone from Armani to DKNY had the same Levi’s 5-pocket jean that has been around for 80 years. If you are going to create a designer jean, then design it—and that is what I did.  By creating and designing this fabrication uniquely emulating denim with silk. Once anyone feels it and wears it, they will understand it. Though it is silk, it can be hand washed.  A designer jean like this could easily sell for $300-500. We’re able to bring it out at $125 retail, which is competitive pricing to all the other designer jeans.

Sicari is extremely passionate about bringing a product that is long over due to consumers.


silk denim by Anthony Sicari Parfum

Anthony Sicari is a proven name synonymous with good design, quality, and fit in the industry. Yet on a personal level Anthony exudes charm, charisma, and compassion making him the beloved by his family, friends, and customers alike.


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